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Winter Outdoors in Boulder


Looking south from South Boulder Peak

Winter in Boulder can be a very mixed bag.  While it’s is possible to have 60° degree weather in January, it is just as likely to have a week, like last week, where the weather doesn’t get above 10°.  Even when the weather is cold and it gets dark early, there are still a large number of people who commute by bike.  I had one ride last week where is was 6° and I saw at least a half dozen people on the bike trails.  When it that cold though, I don’t ride for exercise, I only ride because I hate driving that much.


Entering Shadow Canyon

Nathalie can confirm that once I am cooped up inside too long, insanity sets in quickly.  I would not do well in an Alaskan winter.  Last weekend was the worst, with highs in the single digits, but I had to get outside so I headed to one of my favorite local hikes – Shadow Canyon to South Boulder Peak.  The single digit temps and low clouds, almost fog, made it about as miserable a day as you could have.  As I started to get higher, the light started to come through.


By the upper parts of Shadow Canyon, I found the clouds below me.  The conditions are what I call “National Geographic Weather.”  A beauty that you only see 1 out of every 10 or 100 times you go out.


Looking south from South Boulder Peak

Unfortunately I only had my cell phone with me, but nonetheless I think these are some of the finest landscape pictures I have ever taken.

Its funny how hiking becomes a winter sport for me.  As much as I love hiking, I seem to hate driving so I don’t do as much of it when I have a choice and can go out for a ride.

The good news is its meant to be 60 by Wednesday!

This weekend was much more normal – 40s in town and once I got up in the hills it was much windier and colder.  Regardless, Boulder still has some of the most beautiful trails anywhere.  A couple more pictures below.


Green Mountain from the top of Fern Canyon


Skunk Canyon from the Mesa Trail

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