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New Ideas Needed

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With the quantity of holidays between now and the end of the year, I am going to be posting a little more sporadically…   I am also looking for ideas for posts.  These can be interesting current event topics to research using Alteryx like the Food Desert post.  It can be difficulties in Alteryx that maybe I can solve like Reading XLSX Directly.  It can be ideas for future product features that I could prototype, like the series on Interactive HTML Visualizations…  It can be new ways to inspire kids to program.

Any and all new ideas are welcome.  Either leave a comment on this post, or if you wish to be more private, email me at ned (at) inspiringingenuity (dot) net.

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One thought on “New Ideas Needed

  1. Ned, there is a ton of stuff that would be neat to see if you had infinite time. In line with your Mindstorms, how about some I/O sensing and reactions using a Raspberry Pi? Say something along the lines of quality control and tolerances using sensors to recalculate live data. Or a alteryx service that listens to I/O sensor inputs for data collection and factoring using R?