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Greatest Generation of Mountain Bikers

imageI don’t think Valmont Bike Park in Boulder was built for kids.  It was somewhat controversial when it was being built because people thought it would only be used by a small niche of lycra clad cyclists.  After being open for a while, I think we can all call it a success. The surprising thing though, is it’s all kids (admittedly some of the “kids” my age).  There’s kids (like ours) that are just starting out in mountain biking, but there’s toddlers on balance bikes doing the pump tracks!  Their moms are out there pushing them!  At least on a sunny November day, it is far and away the busiest public park in Boulder – there are way more kids here than any playground in town.  We actually had to leave because it was just getting too crowded, but not before the kids did awesome trails like “The Glades” and “Corkscrew” and “Dirt 101.”

imageI can’t wait to see these kids when they are older!  I would be flabbergasted if we didn’t have a generation of world champion mountain bikers coming out of Boulder.  The trails in the park are amazing with all kinds of jumps and obstacles, for all ages.  How could you not grow up loving Mountain Biking with a (free) city park like this.   The big jumps are insane – I would never ride them…  I like my collar bones too much for that.  In 10+ years, look out for the kids of today taking the world by storm.

So, I just want to say: thank you Boulder.  Parks like this are why we live here.

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