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Greatest Generation of Mountain Bikers

imageI don’t think Valmont Bike Park in Boulder was built for kids.  It was somewhat controversial when it was being built because people thought it would only be used by a small niche of lycra clad cyclists.  After being open for a while, I think we can all call it a success. The surprising thing though, is it’s all kids (admittedly some of the “kids” my age).  There’s kids (like ours) that are just starting out in mountain biking, but there’s toddlers on balance bikes doing the pump tracks!  Their moms are out there pushing them! Continue reading

Mountain biking with kids


Today is (or was) IMBA’s Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day.  I usually don’t pay any attention whatsoever to these kinds of made up holidays, but really, this is as good an excuse as any other to go mountain biking.  It doesn’t take much for Nathalie & I. Continue reading

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The Yang of Mountain Biking


This time I will start with a turkey –   actually I saw about 20 of them, but I only had my phone for pictures so its hard to get a good image.  Please don’t ask me where I was though, I will not answer! Thanksgiving is getting close and I suspect not all my readers are vegans like me.  I really do see a lot of wildlife out riding in Colorado, both on the road and on the trails.  You get to cover a lot of distance, but are still quiet enough that you don’t scare everything away.  That said, some animals, elk in particular, are exceptionally spooked by cyclists.  I think the combination of speed and silence does it.  Nothing like being on a bike with a herd of 500 lb animals freaking out and running all over the place! Continue reading