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Lego Robot: A Mazing

With all the flooding and rain we have had in Boulder, all the trails are closed and most of the roads, so road biking, mountain biking & even trail running are all out…  So I guess it was the day to build a robot.

SONY DSCI have been wanting to build a robot that could navigate a maze.  We had previously played with the Robo Puppy, but with the casters for feet and the long neck, there was too much floppiness and it just couldn’t move very accurately.  Every time you sent a move command to it, it would lurch to one side or the other based on how the caster were sitting at the time.  Also the distance sensor was getting confused, I think partly due to be a little too high and partly due to its nose being in the way.  Clearly, we needed to start over with the hardware design.

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