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Teaching Science to Kids: MythBusters

MythbustersOur kids love the MythBusters.  We don’t have cable TV, but we do have Netflix, and they are happy to watch Mythbusters as long as we will let them.  This week the Denver Museum of Nature and Science opened MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition.  Being members, we were invited to go to the special opening where we got to meet Kari and Tory.  The kids were so excited they could barely contain themselves.  Kari and Tory were so kind to our kids – they really were wonderful.  I am happy to hold them up as role models for our kids.

The exhibit was very well done – everything there is interactive and testable.  You can test walking vs running through the rain, and then count how many drops fall on you (you stay drier walking.)  You can try to dodge a bullet (surprise, you can’t.)  You can test if toast is more likely to fall butter side up (it’s not.)  If you are around Denver (or it comes to a city near you) I would highly recommend taking your kids or frankly going even if you don’t have kids.

The Explosive ExhibitionDo I really think the MythBusters are teaching science?  Of course not, but it doesn’t matter.  They are teaching the kids a little bit about the scientific method as well as teaching them that engineers are cool.  All I know is that the kids are excited about reading about the periodic table (granted its a cartoon version!)  They bought the MythBusters Science Fair books and are talking about what experiments they are going to do.  Sure they are focusing more on the blowing stuff up category (like Mentos & Diet Coke,) but they are excited about it.

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