Inspiring Ingenuity

Alteryx, Bicycles and Teaching Kids Programming.

Inspiring Ingenuity

A few years ago, Alteryx had a tag line “Inspiring Ingenuity.”  I loved it and saw it as my goal to inspire ingenuity in the users of Alteryx.  I even went as far as to make bike jerseys that prominently feature the phrase.  It turns out that customers and prospects didn’t like it as much as us developers…  That makes sense because while we are trying to inspire ingenuity, you (the users) are trying to get some work done efficiently.

Fast forward to the present – I have been having fun writing this blog and I seem to have enough readers that I am going to keep going.  What it needed is a name.  I have 2 main themes of my posts: Alteryx and teaching kids to program.  My goal for both is to inspire ingenuity, could there be a better name!  From now on, you will find this blog at  The old address will continue to redirect, so no need to update bookmarks or anything.

Also, I have a new email address to go with it:  ned (at) inspiringingenuity (dot) net – although comments on the blog are always welcome too.

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