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Month in Review: September

The Month in Review is a round up of all the posts I have created in the last month as well as some links and small thoughts that came up during the month that were not big enough for posts of their own.  It will also serve as an index to the site.

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Some Interesting Links and Small Thoughts

  • Last month I called out the About The Data.  It is up and running now.  I found it fairly accurate for me, Nathalie found it totally wrong.  Others are starting to talk about it too.
  • At Alteryx we walk a fine line between improving the products and protecting the existing user’s experience.  This is something I talk about often in product planning meetings.  Here’s a very interesting article from someone at Nokia talking about their fall and what could happen to Apple.
  • Lots of great free mapping data (for the US) can be found at the National Atlas.  There is such a huge variety, you just need to go there to see it.
  • The Dutch are just better than us at everything biking – see how they design intersections.
  • Some interesting thoughts from Scientific American about GMOs.  Count me in the I agree column as well.
  • Kudos to the Boulder Office of Emergency Management – they did an amazing job during the historic Boulder floods.
  • And kudos to Shutterfly.  You will rarely see me endorse commercial products, but a photo book that the parents had printed and donated to a teacher in a flooded school was ruined.  When Shutterfly was told about it, they replaced it for FREE and even paid for expedited shipping.  Thanks Shutterfly!.
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