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The Yang of Mountain Biking


This time I will start with a turkey –   actually I saw about 20 of them, but I only had my phone for pictures so its hard to get a good image.  Please don’t ask me where I was though, I will not answer! Thanksgiving is getting close and I suspect not all my readers are vegans like me.  I really do see a lot of wildlife out riding in Colorado, both on the road and on the trails.  You get to cover a lot of distance, but are still quiet enough that you don’t scare everything away.  That said, some animals, elk in particular, are exceptionally spooked by cyclists.  I think the combination of speed and silence does it.  Nothing like being on a bike with a herd of 500 lb animals freaking out and running all over the place! Continue reading


Alteryx: Weighted Median

I was working on a post with some interesting demographics for this blog and came across the need for a weighted median, which is not a statistic the Alteryx Summarize tool provides.  A weighted median is a subtle concept; in order to explain it, let me start with a real world, although simplistic, example. Continue reading

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Alteryx Mapping: UK at Night

I seem to have quite a few readers from the UK on my blog.  After my post last week showing the US at Night I got requests for a UK version.  I don’t have a lot of data for the UK right now, so here is a quick map with the same methodology for UK population.  When I get a copy of the UK census data, I will produce a map set with a bunch of variables like I did for the US.

UK at Night

Click for a much larger version…

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Month in Review: August 2013

In the spirit of DC Rainmaker, the month in review is an index to the posts from the previous month (he does it weekly, but monthly seems better for me.)  In addition will be links and small topics that have accumulated over the course of the month.

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Some Interesting Links and Small Thoughts

  • Lenovo Chief Shares Bonus:  Even if this is just for PR, it is good PR.
  • A Data Broker Offers a Peek Behind the Curtain:  Acxiom is going to allow people to see the data that is collected on them.  I’m not sure about this.  If the data is bad, the marketing is bad.  If the data is good, people might protest based on the creep factor.  Will be interesting to see how it plays out.
  • Power Meter Buyers Guide:  Power meters are becoming a must for serious training on a bike.  DC Rainmaker as usual  does a nice job summing up the options.
  • John Scalzi Won a Hugo:  Another non work related blog that I often read.  An excellent writer and a well deserved Hugo.
  • Scratch 2.0 Download:  The 2.0 version has up until now only been a cloud service.  Now you can run it locally.

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